Before applying for the lesson courses, please check the following.
Before the confirmation, you will:

STEP1:Choose a lesson course

We prepare 4 set courses.
Think which course you would like to participate.
Lesson Courses

STEP2:Think which dates you would like to participate

You can select from the beginning dates of each separate courses within your set course.
Please check the starting dates of the separate courses.
Schedule from January to June in 2017
Schedule from June to December in 2017

STEP3:Choose the accommodation type

Each room type varies in price. Choose your preferable room.
Details on Accommodations

STEP4:Fill in the application form

If you are applying for the lesson course, make sure to apply by filling in the application form.
The staff will check the availability of the course and get back to you within 2 days. If you did not receive the reply, please contact by email or through Facebook message.

If the course is available, “Booking Confirmation” email will be sent to you.

STEP5:Purchase a plane ticket

While you are on tentative booking, it is better to purchase a ticket during that period.
Lesson course starts in the morning. Thus accommodation will be available from the night before. Please purchase a ticket that allows you to arrive by the day before the lesson starts.
Please make sure to arrive by the day before of the starting date.

STEP6:Conduct a Payment after Arriving at TTC Spa School

Course fees can also be paid by credit card or cash at our school.

Application Form

Contacts Info

When you are in hurry, please contact us using this information.



Facebook Message