“Ministry of Education approved school” is a special school that met all the criteria ( i.e. value of existence, equipment, curriculum, personality of the faculty and headmaster of school) and was approved of educating and its establishment.

Approval is given after a strict assessment and cannot be easily received. Our school is ensured of its quality, content and faculty by the Ministry.

Our school is not approved just as a massage school but as a “educational institute” like other language schools and such-like schools. In short, our school is officially approved by the ministry to teach.


As a massage school, this approval is important.

This approval ensures the quality of the faculty and staff. It means that the staff are same or above the government standard. Faculty members’ skills, levels and the contents they teach are ensured of its quality and strictly examined by the Ministry of Health.

Traditional Thai Massage is regarded as a traditional Thai medical treatment and is controlled and is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health. Massage culture including the Traditional Thai Massage is an important aspect of the culture and domestic industry.

On teaching the “approved lessons” (how to perform the massage, theory of the Traditional Thai Massage, anatomy), the contents of the lessons, equipment, facility and the sanitary levels must meet all the conditions and standards. Within Thailand, in order to open a “Traditional Thai Massage shop or Spa”, the shopkeeper has to have an approval from the Ministry of Health. Thus, if a person from Thailand would like to open a shop in Thailand, one has to learn the techniques and graduate from a Ministry approved school like ours.

The Ministry of Health in Thailand controls a lot of departments; restaurants, educational institutes, the service industry and so on. It is the combination of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and public health center in Japan.

2. About Lesson Courses


Unfortunately, if you are under 18, you must take the course with a parent.

You can bring a child with you, but please make sure to keep an eye on the child.


Yes, you can.

Our teachers are very kind and helpful. They will teach you in easy English. Don't hesitate to ask questions during lessons.


Therapist training course includes 5 kinds of lesson courses and is a 4-week rotational course. You don’t have to start from the Traditional Thai Massage.

Therapist Training Course includes the following lesson courses.

  • Beginner Traditional Thai Massage Course
  • Thai Oil Massage and Scrubbing Course
  • Lymphatic Massage Course
  • Foot Reflexology Course
  • Facial Massage Course

To students who graduated from the school, a certification of the completion from our Ministry of education and the Ministry of Health approved school will be given.


Before visiting our school, please make sure to have the following with you.

  • 3 photos (3cm by 4cm) (For the graduation certificate)
  • Passport (as an ID)
  • Copy of the passport (page with the photo)
  • Course and accommodation fee
  • Light clothes for the lesson i.e. T-shirt

A pareo for oil massaging/scrubbing and lymph massaging is provided at the school. It is preferable to have a bottoms that can be folded over your knees. This is because for foot massage, students will have to have bare lower legs. (We also lend the clothes to use during the lesson by 30B/day)


Please prepare clothes that are suitable for massaging. We also lend the clothes for lessons. Chiang Mai has a dry season from November to March, hot season from March to May, and a rainy season from May to November. During the dry season, it can be cold in the morning and night. Please prepare warm clothes such as sweater as well. Usually, a very light clothes are suitable. (T-shirt or such-like clothes)


To apply for each course, please contact through the "Application" form.

For any inquiries, please contact through "Contact us" form.

If you would like to contact directly to our school, call 065-0611-087(Daisuke). The instructor may be away on the lesson, in that case, please call again later.

Any inquiries also can be sent through email to Daisuke at: ttc@ttcspaschool.jp

Occasionally, reply emails from our school are recognized as spam and are not delivered. We are replying usually within 2 days, thus if you have not received our reply for more than 2 days after your inquiry, please contact us again.


Yes, you can.

In case of emergencies or other unavoidable accidental events, you may change the dates of courses, only within a year, without any additional or cancelation fees.

3. About Tuition and Facility


Fees other than the tuition are airplane tickets, transportation fee within Chiang Mai after your arrival, and Sunday meal/dinner cost.

Textbook and material fees are included into the course fee.


Our school used to go to the airport for the pick-up, but because we had trouble meeting with the students, we are now tied up with the airport taxi company.

For the details, visit our blog.

The Way to take a taxi at Chiangmai Airport

This service is exclusively for the students staying in our accommodations. We do not have a complimentary pick-up for the students staying in the city.


Accommodation is available one day before your lesson starts until the next day of the last lesson day.

Check-in is flexible, though we appreciate if you could arrive between 10AM to 6PM.

We do not set a check-out time, though if there is another student moving in after you, we may inform you the check-out time in advance.


Below is the list of amenities.

  • Bath towels and other towels.
  • Pareo for the oil massage.
  • Hair dryer
  • Shampoo and a soap. (Please ask the staff at the office)
  • Fridge and a microwave.
  • Wireless Internet (Wi-fi)

You can connect your laptop to the Wireless LAN.


Our school is located within 10 minutes ride on a car from Chiang Mai city. It is also about 10 minutes to get to the popular night bazar and riverside. You can enjoy shopping or sightseeing after the lesson. There is a small supermarket within a minute walk from school where students can purchase drinking water, food and living supplies. There is also a Japanese restaurant near the school where you can go by riding a bike borrowed from our school.

We have a shared refrigerator for students. For dinners, students can go outside to eat pizzas or Thai food, have a McDonald delivery or eat the meal purchased by students in the school.

A lot of Thai restaurants can be found around school within a walking distance.

Laundries can be done by using a coin laundry machine in our school. One wash is 30B.

4. Others


No, it won’t.

Even in the rainy season, there are sunny days and not always does it rain.

In Chiang Mai, it rains every 2 days during the rainy season. Rains are usually heavy but short. They do not rain for a longer period. It is not hard to get around than you think!


Yes, you can review for free.

You can review only those lessons for free that you already took in the past. In that case, you have to stay in our school. (450B~/night)

Those students, who would like to take the review classes, please make sure to send the application beforehand. Due to the adjustment of student numbers in classes, if you have not applied in advance, you will not be able to take the lessons.

If we do not have unoccupied rooms in the school, we may reject your application.


Please consult first.

Tell us where have you studied before, what kind of massage have you studied and how much experience you already have.

We strongly recommend starting from the Lv.1 Beginner course. Beginner course include all kinds of basic movements in Thai Massage. In Lv.2 advanced courses and Lv.3 professional courses, teachers and students review the techniques from Lv.1 Beginner course. Therefore, skipping courses is not recommended.