These 3 main courses are the same price.

  • Therapist Training course 4weeks
  • Body Treatment Course 4weeks
  • Thai Massage 180 hours course 4weeks

Prices are different depending on rooms.

◇Private Room A: In-room shower, toilet
◇Private Room B: Shared shower, toilet
◇Dormitory A (Room for 2): In-room shower, toilet
◇Dormitory B (Room for 2): Shared shower, toilet
◇Without Accommodation

Things included in your price

these prices include tuition of massage course, texts, Accommodation, Breakfast and lunch.
and you can drink water, coffee and tea anytime you want for free.
When you want to use internet WiFi, you can use it in TTC spa school.

TTC spa school is located about 10 min away from Chiangmai Old town area,
so you can stay in the area and come to TTC spa school every day.
Without accommodation, the price includes tuition of massage course, texts and lunch.
and also you can drink water, coffee and tea for free.

About our accommodation

●Package Courses

●Individual Courses

●Intensive Thai Massage Courses