Our school focuses on Traditional Thai Massage.
We also prepare various courses on oil massage, lymphatic massage, face massage, foot massage, Toksen and others.

Each course will ensure a student to learn everything from basics to advanced skills and techniques accordingly to the students’ needs.

What is Thai Traditional Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage dates back to as long as 2500 years ago.
It has been presumed that as the Buddhism was introduced by Indian monks moving into Thailand, they brought the techniques of massage along with them.
An Indian doctor, Shivaga Komarpa, was supposed to have some connections with Buddha itself. He was also the head doctor of a monk group “Sanga” which was formed by Buddha.
He is said to be the founder of the Thai Massage and he has been respected by the people of Thailand even until now.
Traditional Thai Massage is based on Indian notion of Ayurveda. Being influenced by Chinese Shiatsu (finger pressure therapy) and Tibetan traditional medicine, and protected by temples, Thai Massage has developed and inherited from masters to disciples.

Traditional Thai Massage has a view that our bodies have an energy line inside called “Sen”. This “Sen” allows “prana” (invisible energy of life) to flow through it. Sen has an important role of being a bridge between our body and soul and the universe. When our body is not functioning right, it means that the prana has not beed supplied enough . Thus, massaging is very important because it can stimulate Sen and let the energy of life flow smoothly through the body.
Traditional Thai Massage can be separated into Bangkok style and Chiang Mai style. Our school teaches Chang Mai style. The main characteristic of the Chang Mai style is that it puts emphasis on feet. This is because 6 of the 10 Sen axes are collected in feet. Feet are called “ the second heart”. On the back of the feet, we can find nerves controlling the entire body such as autonomic nerves. Massage can stimulate feet and relax the entire body.

Traditional Thai Massage is also called a “dual Yoga” since it has a good effect on health not only of the patient but also of the massager. Usually, when the massager works, one stays in the same posture for a long time, which can cause damage on the body. However, in Traditional Thai Massage, the massager can change positions and postures depending on where to massage, resulting in stretching of his own muscles. This can prevent fatigue and results in a “dual” Yoga with the patient.

In traditional Thai Massage, massager does a prayer with his hands called “Wai”. This shows the appreciation and respect to the patient. Massage is not just a method for pursuing health, it has also a notion of Buddhism on respect toward the patient.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Massage has been presumed to start in Europe.

Lymph is the collection of lymphatic vessels and the lymphatic fluid that goes through vessels

Oil Massage + Scrubbing

There are a few theories on how oil massage has started. The most widely accepted theory is that it started in b.c.1800 in Indian Ayurveda.
In any case, being oil massaged fells very soothing and nice. But it remains a mystery “who” exactly started the oil massaging for the first time in human history. The smell of the oil fragrances has a relaxing effect on us. Different oil fragrances can be selected accordingly to the body and its symptoms. Oil massage affects the nerves and hormons. It is suitable and can have a great effect when the body is exhausted with fatigue or stress.

Our school’s curriculum includes oil massage and scrubbing in the same course. This is because learning the scrubbing techniques along with oil massage techniques is more efficient than learning each skill separately.

Scrubbing means rubbing hard and washing off the dirt. Rubbing off the skin has an exfoliating effect and can freshen up the skin.

Foot Reflexology

A very popular method of massaging is a western style reflexology whose origins lies in China.
Reflexology in western countries dates back to 100 years ago.
There was a German physician called Fitzgerald. One day he accidentaly injured his hand so he decided to massage it. He noticed that his toes, though no stimulation was done on them, gradually started getting warm.
He then realized that each body parts can effect in a reflected ways. That's why the word reflexology derived from the word “reflect”.
People in the East had already known about this effect for a long time. It has been known for 3000 years that there is a passage that goes through body and connects each body parts.

Reflexology that is taught in our school is a Thai style foot massage. This method is focused on feet and has incorporated traditional Thai Massage method and western reflexology.

Thai Massage stimulates feet a lot. This is because “Sen” ( passage within the body) is collected in feet. By stimulating feet, the blood circulation greatly improves and the body can revitalize. Moreover, the body warms up during the process, which gives you an uplifting feeling and makes you feel very relaxed. It can also help to loosen up your muscles and improve the immune system, making it strong against various diseases.

In Thai style massage, massager uses a wooden stick to stimulate the feet. Massager uses cream or oil to make it glide smoothly over the body.

Facial Massage

In this course, you can learn the facial massage techniques that are usually performed in Thai spa.

In our school, we use raw cucumbers as face masks. This massage has been said to be very effective for the skin. This massage includes techniques of Traditional Thai Massage and helps the skin rejuvenate. Scull massage is also performed during the process, thus the patient can feel very relaxed.

Tok Sen Massage

This is an old and traditional massage of Lan Na district, northern Thailand.
In this massage, massager uses a wooden mallet and a pile, then “pats the Sen” with the mallet.
In usual massage, pressure from hands or fingers is often not necessarily enough to take the stiffness out from the muscles. Tok Sen is the method that gently pats and hits the stiffened parts of the muscles and quickly takes away the stiffness. This method also helps to ease the pain in joints and tendons.
Important characteristic of Tok Sen is its unique rhythm. The sound of it has a calming effect on the patients mental health. This method does not have much physical strain on the massager’s side as well.

A wooden mallet is not heavy, so a female massager can perform the massage without any difficulties.