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       Chiangmai 50000 Thailand

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The Way to take a taxi at Chiangmai Airport

Some of you guys coming to TTC Spa School,
might feel so excited with the very first trip abroad,
others might feel very nervous.

For those who come to TTC Spa school for the first time,
I’m gonna explain details like how you find and take a taxi working with us from Chiangmai Airport.

Previously, TTC staff would escort you from the school to the airport,

but we amended the process due to congestion at the airport.
Now we cooperate with TAXI METER.

Though they have different exits for international and domestic,

TAXI METER is there near both exits.

The front desk should be occupied by an associate.

Just tell them you are heading the TTC Spa School,

and they will escort you to that location.

The key word is: TTC Spa School.

If no one is available,

please wait for a minute, or you can ask a different taxi company next to TAXI METER.

Some drivers may no be familiar with TTC or may not have visited before.

In this case, you should present the business card below and they will take you to TTC.

We basically pay the fee when you arrive at TTC.

But we might not be there sometimes.

In this case, we would like you to pay instead of us.

Of course, reimburse the amount paid.

The charge should be 300B.

As I mentioned, I’ve explained how to get to TAXI METER after arriving at Chiangmai Airport.

I hope I have calmed your worries after your flight.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call us.